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What does it mean to be on a USTA team?

Below is some general information about GLTF / USTA Teams. We field teams for many different seasons, including adult league, combo league, mixed doubles, and seniors.

In which leagues does GLTF participate?

Go to our GLTF organization page on the USTA site and you'll see a list of all of our teams from the past 12 months.

How many matches will we have?

That depends on the draw that your team is in. Generally it will end up being about one per weekend and you can expect each team to have between 6-12 ties during the regular season. Each player is required by the USTA to play at least 2 matches in order to qualify for post-season play.

When are the matches?
We usually have one tie (or match-up between 2 teams) per weekend, except holiday weekends. Some are on Saturdays, some are on Sundays, and less often they are on weekday nights. The times are variable. A tie usually lasts about 2-3 hours.

Will I play every tie?
You will NOT play every tie. Each captain will ask you to let him/her know which dates you are available for. Captains will try to tell you at least a week in advance if you are playing. They ask that you try to keep your availability current and accurate as possible. Try to be available to play at minimum 3 ties per season.

I have vacation plans, can I still play?
Yes, just keep your availability current with your captains. You won't play every time the team is scheduled, so just let your captain know as accurately and early as possible which dates you can play.

How many matches will I play?
The exact number of matches you'll play is dependent on how many players are on the team, your captain, and your availability. The more flexible you are, most likely the more you will play. If you have limited availability, then captains do their best to get you in on the dates you're available.

How much does it cost to join the team?
To be on a GLTF USTA team you must be a current member of the GLTF $30/year, a current member of the USTA $40/year, register with the USTA for the team $25/team, and contribute to the team budget for courts and balls. The exact amount depends on your specific team. The GLTF subsidizes some of this cost, but some of it is also passed along to the teams. Many of our captains have adopted a pay-as-you-play approach where they ask you to contribute $5-10 per match regardless of home or away; others use a flat fee approach and divide expenses at the end of the season. You may also be asked to bring a snack to share.
Can I play with my friends?
Sure, just let your captain know your playing preferences and they'll do their best.

Where can I learn more about USTA Ratings?

Learn more about different player rankings here

Where will the teams play?
East Bay teams play out of Laney College, Mills College, or Davie Tennis Stadium and SF teams play out of SFSU. Click here for directions and maps.

What can I do to be a good team member and make the job of my captain easier?
The #1 thing you can do is keep you availability accurate and current. That keeps your captain from running themselves ragged looking for subs. #2 show up for matches on time, be kind, and play well with others. #3 sign up sooner rather than later so that your captains can breathe easy knowing that they have enough players for the team.

For questions, contact our USTA Coordinator.

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